Corporate companies are attracting huge number of profit margins nowadays, Ever wondered why? Well, under the table there may be many reasons why the figures tell what they tell, but from what can be seen, advertising agencies take all the credit. By the working of these advertising companies, we see a lot happening. From big bill boards screaming for attention, to small company postcards received with gift vouchers at the back. Everything is done to lure us into buying stuff from them.

personalized letterheads

Image courtesy: Personalized letterheads

When the market is full of people and places that not only cater to clients but also to customers. It is amazing to see so many companies competing against each other with a similar end point. Every body wants to take out money from the pocket of the billions of people living in India. It is not impossible to reach each and every one of them, But how and why is the main question to be adhered to. The big companies ave big meetings and the small companies have small meetings over earning profit. A considerable amount of fund is released, both, by the small companies and from the larger companies into the market through advertising agencies.Promotional calendar is also a mode of advertising the company.The main brains behind us wearing branded watches, and in fact typing on branded foreign made keyboards.

Salute to the brains working behind them, that they have some how managed to get into our minds, despite of all the things that we have to worry about daily. Somethings are made to make life easy, while somethings are an addition to the tension that we already have. Still, to make us buy, they device so many ways that in one way or the other we will bow in, to buy them. Well, we too have the sensibility of what to buy and what not to, but ultimately give in to the lure. The way they sell things like a5 envelope too, is something to stand and see.An A5 envelope can also be a good marketing tool.

The corporate companies thrive on our desires, the weakness of us to get lured and the desires of wellbeing that we have. Even somebody living on the road has the desire to wear good clothes and to eat good food. Interestingly, by good food, they mean pizza or burger, not grains or pulses, such is the effect of advertisement. Even small things like personalized letterheads can be created over internet and they are used in way that they promote products. It is not easy to guess in what ways they have entered our brains, sometimes for good and sometimes to make us bankrupt.