Business in modern world are very innovative in their approach. They ensure they conduct the business in a professional manner so that people develop trust in their company and would not easily transfer their loyalty toward other competitive companies even though they may provide similar services. They use professional letterheads when they send their correspondence. Customers when they receive correspondence through corporate letterhead they feel they have received from genuine company and it is not the fake one and take them seriously. Companies contact online stores to print company letterheads. If they place the order in bulk then they receive tremendous discount and if the order size is small then the discount provided by the online stores is decent one. The customers staff who is responsible for placing the order are trained well as to how to place the order and how to strike best deals which will help the company to save more amount. These amount can be used for productive purposes. Company letterheads should be attractive so that they form good impression about the company, Letterhead designs should speak volumes. If the letterhead is not so attractive then people might not form very good opinion about the company. Few companies also hire team of professional to create a letterhead and these professional keeping in mind the products as well as services provided by the company they design best letterhead.

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The colors used in the letterhead should be bright and it should not be dull because it may not project the company in attractive manner. Few companies do use their internal staff and make a letterhead, Company letterhead and corporate diaries are useful tools. For example micro soft has used its internal staff for change of their logo which they use on letterhead also. Few companies do spend millions of amount to create the company logo as well as letterhead. They consider logo as well as letterhead do help in improving their brand. It is considered to be investment and not an expenditure similarly they treat the promotional giveaways. Corporate staff if they have any queries they can contact the customers care and all their queries are solved. Once their queries are solved they can easily place the order on the stores. They can contact the online store by using varied modes such as telephone, fax, email and chat mode. If they contact using email and fax the response could be delayed but if they contact using telephone and chat the get instant response from the customers. Before contacting the customer care they can view frequently asked questions pages and once their queries are solved they need not contact the customer care also.